DGSA Consulting, Ltd. is the exclusive importer and authorized service center in Slovakia for SECUMAR life jackets manufactured by Bernhardt Apparatebau GmbH u. Co. Based in Holm.

We are primarily focused on the sale and service of the life jackets for inland waterway vessels crew members, employees of shore facilities in ports and members of the fire brigade. Manufacturer also offers a wide range of life jackets designed for sports or special purposes.

SECUMAR life jackets

For purposes of inland waterways are required life jackets with a minimum displacement of 150 N. These life jackets are sufficient in that case the person wearing such a life jacket is not dressed, for example in winter clothing or uses an accessory device attached to it (etc. breathing apparatus). For all season use for inland waterway vessels are suitable life jackets with displacement of 275 N, which taking into account the weight of the person and the weight of wet clothing.

In case of manipulation with dangerous goods, which according to ADN requires explosion protection are for crew members of tank vessels and employees of shore facilities required antistatic life jackets.

For members of fire brigade are designed special life jackets, which are capable to use in high temperatures and with special equipment of firefighters.

It will be our pleasure to advise you with the selection of suitable life jackets for your needs. The final price of life jackets depends on the number of pieces and cost of shipping. We will answer all Your questions via email: service@dgsa-group.com or phone: +421 902 341 031.



Life jackets are subject of regular inspections by our authorized service center in the port of Bratislava. For life jackets approved according to EN 12 402, the inspection interval is set for every two years, for life jackets approved according to SOLAS, the inspection interval is set for once a year.

Life jackets with positive inspection result are marked with a stamp with date of the next inspection and at the same time our service center issues a certificate of inspection in english language.

If You are interested in repairs or regular inspection of Your life jackets, please contact us via e-mail: service@dgsa-group.comor phone: +421 902 341 031.