Despite the fact that the main subject of DGSA Group companies is the training and services of the dangerous goods safety advisor, we also offer to our clients additional services for purpose of providing a complete services associated with the transport of dangerous goods by inland waterways.

Our offer for tank vessels operators and reception facilities in ports:


  • sale and service of SECUMAR life jackets
  • sale of ADN special equipment for vessels crew members
  • sale and rent of EX and TOX special equipment according to ADN, including service and calibration
  • sale of reference thermometer for temperature measuring of product in cargo tanks
  • sale of measuring tapes and paste for measuring of level gauge in cargo tanks


  • periodical checks of fire extinguishers and stationary fire extinguishing systems of vessels including the service and sale of fire extinguishers
  • pressure tests and sale of vessel fire extiguishing hoses and hose assemblies, including jet/spray nozzles
  • regular inspections of fire extinguishing pumps on the deck
  • regular inspections and service of decontamination shower and face bath produced according to EN 15 154
  • regular inspections of winches and lifting equipment of life boats or cranes for cars on vessel
  • measuring of concentrations of flammable gases, percentage of oxygen and toxic gases and vapours on vessel – GAS DOCTOR (gas free certificate based on performed measurements


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