On the basis of a special authorization, we perform regular inspections of hand fire extinguishers on vessels as well as we provide their service, filling or replacement. We also supply boxes for fire extinguishers to ensure their protection against the weather. Inspections of hand fire extinguishers must be carried out at least every two years, pressure tests of fire extinguisher containers every 5 years.

We perform prescribed pressure tests of fire hoses as well as fire couplings and assemblies on board, including inspection of fire pumps. We perform inspections every two years.

For vessels equipped with a stationary fire extinguishing system, we provide regular inspections or their service. The date of regular inspections is usually set by the manufacturer at least once every two years.

In addition to fire extinguishers and stationary fire extinguishing systems, we perform regular inspections of decontamination showers, which are manufactured in accordance with the EN 14 154 standard. These are showers with water content in container or containers, whre the flow of water is ensured by means of compressed gas (CO2 or oxygen). These showers are not connected to the water supply on board, they are mostly used on tank vessels without living and operating spaces.

The output of our inspections , in case of positive result, are certificates issued in Slovak and English language in accordance with the requirements of the ADN agreement.

If You are interested in, please contact us via e-mail: service@dgsa-group.com or phone: +421 902 341 031.

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