The vessel must be degassed (ventilated cargo tanks and pipes) before working with open flames or working with a risk of sparks on board. Evidence of the condition of the vessel without gas (GAS FREE) is a certificate issued by the person who performed the measurement and declared the condition of the vessel safe for work (GAS DOCTOR).

The oxygen content in the atmosphere shall be measured before entering enclosed spaces under the deck (cargo tanks, double sides or double bottoms). The normal percentage of oxygen in the air is 20.9%, entry into enclosed spaces is permitted without a self-contained breathing apparatus only if its content in the atmosphere of the measured enclosed space is more than 20% but not more than 23.5%.

The environment with dangerous goods can’tbe assessed only in point of view of the danger of explosion, but also by their effect on the human body. For dangerous goods, maximum and permissible exposure limits (TWA, STEL or CEILING) are set, which are related to the concentration of toxic or harmful substances in the environment.

Our company performs the measurement of the concentration of flammable gases, the measurement of the oxygen percentage as well as the measurement to determine the amount of toxic or harmful substances in the atmosphere on all tank vessels or on dry cargo vessels.

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